A blizzard blanket to keep our patients warm


Lots of our patients are injured outside, in the cold, at night. Keeping them warm is crucial.

A blizzard blanket is a simple yet crucial item used to keep patients warm and protected while the Magpas Air Ambulance medical team provide them with the care they so desperately need.

Blizzard blankets are extra-large thermal blankets that offer protection against the elements, reduce shock and guard against hypothermia. They also have self-adhesive closure that can be easily re-opened as and when the patient needs further treatment.

Keep a patient warm and safe this winter for just £30.

After checkout, we will email you a virtual gift card as a thank you for buying a blizzard blanket to keep our patients warm. Which you can print at home, fold and personalise if you’re buying this gift for someone else, so they know how they’re helping Magpas Air Ambulance save lives 24/7.

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